Before you begin:

Thank you for your interest in a Raymond Management property! Our application process is completely digital and you can apply by using the “Apply Now” button on the property’s listing page, under our “Find a Home” tab.  

If the property is listed on our site, it is still available. It is possible that applications are already pending, but the property is automatically removed from the site once it’s rented. If you happen to apply for a property that already has pending applications, your application fee will be refunded. Our goal is to process applications as quickly as possible but the process does require we verify information and speak with employers & previous landlords.

We strongly recommend you see the property first!

Application fees are non-refundable  (unless you applied to a property that is no longer available and your application was NOT processed. Applications are time stamped and we will process the first completed application.

Our Approval Criteria

In general terms, we’re looking for applicants that have verifiable (legal)  income, good rental history, and acceptable credit.

Here are the guidelines:

No eviction or Unlawful Detainer filings
Verifiable income of at least 3X Gross the monthly rent
Verifiable rental history with a satisfactory verification from previous landlord (good payment history and no disturbances)
80% positive credit

Automatic Denial For Residency

Any of the items below may result in automatic denial:

Falsification of any information on the application
A FICO score of 600 or less
Excessive negative credit (more than 20% of trade lines report as “negative”
Any collections / monies owed to a landlord or utility company
Criminal histories that include felony or misdemeanor convictions for crimes that represent threats to persons or property, or any drug affiliated crime.
Failure to satisfy the income requirement
Failure to satisfy the minimum credit score based on the model
A bankruptcy in process
A bankruptcy discharge within the last 12 months.
Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) filing by a previous landlord for any cause


Co-Signers may be allowed but it is on a per property basis. Here are the approval guidelines for a Co-Signer:

Minimum FICO score of 650
Monthly income of at least 6.5x the rent amount
(I.e. if monthly rent is $1200, the co-signer’s monthly income must be $7,200 or better [6*1200])
Ability to clear the standard application criteria

Increased Security Deposits

Security Deposits will be increased to 1.5x the standard amount under the following circumstances:

A FICO score under 625
Total monthly income that is less than 3x the monthly rent amount
    *Subject to minimum thresholds on a per property basis.