“The pair of houses at 608 10th Street were converted to office space in the 1970s, Kelly (property owner) said. Now, they have been renovated and reverted back to living spaces. There are eight new apartments in total.

The units are listed for rent at $1,995 per month by Raymond Management. The two bedroom, one bath apartments have tall ceilings, oversized windows that let in lots of natural light and spacious patios. They are within walking distance to Golden 1 Center and other entertainment and dining spots in downtown Sacramento.

‘You feel like you’re in the suburbs, in a way, because it feels so leafy and quiet, but your two blocks from downtown.’ …. We’ve gone from having four offices to eight apartments, and a place for people to live and stay and really create life. For me, life in the city has got to be with people who live in it. You can’t just have people coming to visit from other parts. They got to actually have a stake in the city.’  …

Scott Raymond, who specializes in property management in the area, said the fact that the house has been converted to housing units from an office use is unique.

“So is the quality and finishes of the interior upgrades,” said Raymond, who owns Raymond Management. “Yet, the developer paid very close attention to detail on maintaining the stunning Victorian architectural legacy.”

He said the property was never in much demand from office users. ”


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Posted by: Raymond Management on July 19, 2018
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