Raymond Management has developed extensive experience in the remodel and repositioning of multifamily and commercial investment property over the years. The success that we have achieved with this unique skill set has resulted in substantially higher rents and increases in property value for the assets that we have worked on.

The Distinctive Advantage Program is our way of offering those skills and that experience to our property management clients who desire to get the most from their real estate investments. There are three tiers of the Distinctive Advantage Program:

Gold Level

The Gold Level is our most extensive service that includes a complete design and build out of the remodel. This level is for clients who seek a complete and comprehensive overhaul of their properties including new architectural design, complete remodel of the exterior, complete demolition and remodel of the interior, and so on.

Silver Level

The Silver Level is for clients looking to make a dramatic statement in the redesign of their properties, but perhaps don’t have the budget for the Gold Level, or the property is not conducive to some of the major remodel features that can be achieved with the Gold Level. This level still employs our full team of designers, architects and contractors.

Bronze Level

The Bronze Level is more like a very light facelift that would include paint and trim work, other minor and inexpensive exterior work, and some minor but effective interior work including paint, fixtures, accents, etc.

Feasibility Analysis
Part of the Distinctive Advantage Program is a feasibility analysis on the project which looks at current rents at the property, maximum rent achievable in the property’s current condition, and maximum rent achievable under the various DAP Levels. We then do a cost / benefit analysis and return on investment analysis to help the client understand the economic justification for moving forward with DAP.

Our Team
In addition to our own internal, very experienced staff, we have assembled a top notch team of industry professionals to help our clients get the most from the Distinctive Advantage Program. Our team includes architects, interior designers, general contractors, and a host of very talented sub-contractors.


Initial Consult

The initial client consult is free and includes an interview with client to assess the clients objectives, level of program desired, and property visits. The goal is to get on the same page with the client and agree on scope of Distinctive Advantage Program proposal.


The proposal will include a complete summary of the design and construction that we advise for the property. Each of the team members will be engaged to contribute their expertise to everything from design, architectural and complete construction cost bid. The cost of the proposal is a flat fee to be negotiated.

Scope of Work

The proposal will outline, in a construction bid format, the complete and entire cost of the proposed project including all soft and hard costs, permits, designs, fees, materials, and labor. Raymond Management and the General Contractor charge a total Overhead & Profit Fee of 12.50% of the project cost. Any design fee will be built into the project cost as a separate cost line item.